Naruto neglected by family fanfiction mokuton sharingan

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Minato neglected Naruto after Kushina died from an illness brushing her off and putting alot of pressure on her. ... A Naruto Neglect Fanfic ... minatonamikaze +19 more # 14. Naruto: The Straw Hat Nin by anime G 123. 13.4K 209 24. Description Neglected by his family for his younger siblings Nemma and Mito naruto has only a few friends and tho. Naruto was born a male and where a world is filled with only girls that have Chakra and Males are used as slaves or butlers for high rankers. Naruto is gay and for that Minato and Kushina neglects him. When Naruto was 6, he became a member of the anbu black ops. He met Kakashi Hatake, Kiyone Yamato, Iruka Umin. Family Lost, A Friend Gained. Before we start I wanna explain some things. Minato and Kushina are still alive. Naruto is neglected by his parents so they can train his siblings in the use of the kyuubi's chakra. Naruto has Mokuton or Wood Release because of Minato.
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